Proven Methods To Eliminate, Prevent, And Shrink Fibroids

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Finally! Just the type of book you've been looking for, a convenient handbook that’s not a medical text book nor someone’s personal diary. If you have fibroids but not looking to become a medical expert and just want to know how to get rid of them, then this condensed handbook is just what you need.

Many women suffer the hardship of living with uterine fibroids. This book uncovers the scientific solutions to relieving women of the undue stress, anxiety, pain, and embarrassment caused by having uterine fibroids. Compiled using 28 cited references to the latest evidence based scientific research; this handbook provides the reader with essential information regarding the elimination, prevention, and shrinkage of fibroids without any of the unwanted filler.

Read the most current information about:

Fibroid effects on pregnancy

Fibroid growth contributors

Risk factors

Medical treatments

Surgical treatments

Alternative treatments

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